Our Unconditional Love To You

"We are your positive encouragement team and technical support for life challenges. We inspire you to achieve a life you never thought possible."


We inspire you to master yourself, embrace your aspirations and desires. We spark trust of your inner wisdom to create a joyous life.


We encourage you to ignite your willpower, confidence and competence to enjoy the journey of creating your success story.


We hold you through life's challenges. We empower you to integrate and learn from your experiences to realign with your aspirations.

Let's Get Tea And Talk About Your Life

We Are Here For You

We are your cabin in the woods. Your retreat. You are safe with us. So you could get stronger, healthier and revitalize with more power, wisdom and meaning.
You Can Do It!

You Can Do It!

Life brings you lessons. Sometimes they are hard to digest. But they are here to teach you something. We will help you sort it out.

Had Too Much?

Had Too Much?

Drastic Life Changes, Peak Experiences, Sexual Awakening, Ayahuasca, Mushroom, Psychedelic Integration - No Judgement - We have been there.

Sex Education

Sex Education

Let’s talk about sex baby? Sex is an integral part of our lives. So it can be an integral part of our conversations too.

Relationship Madness

Relationship Madness

Your relationship just isn’t quite...? You can’t seem to get on the same page as your partner? Let’s learn why & help both of you

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

Let's make a life you actually want to live. We empower you to stay motivated and clear while doing what you need to do to bring your dreams into reality.



Still don't get what we are doing ?
The Mentorship Process

The Truth Leads To Joy.

Why Truth?

To me, truth is the line back into my soul. It can always bring me home, when I wanted to come back home I needed a place where I could tell the truth.
~Morgan Carson

My Personal Story

With truth comes this ease and relaxation because you get to be who you really are. When you’re telling the truth there is no pressure, you can be relaxed and truly live.
~Modestas Stonkus

My Personal Story

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