For Individuals, Couples, Family and Companies

Understanding how we work, our unique genius and how to honor ourselves and each other.


Foundation Reading

What is your blueprint and how do you move through the universe. Learn key aspects of how to life as you in the world and what is the optimal way to thrive.

$150.00 USD



Understanding yourself and your partner, and what you create together to optimally move through the life together. Bring your questions, here is where we learn how to be with one another.

$250.00 USD


A New Way to Family Plan

What does everyone in the home need to be themselves and thrive as they continue to grow and be themselves? How can we create healthy happy bonds with one another and set up our families for legacies of connection and love? Great for family planning and home dynamics.

$350.00 USD

Company Team

What is our genius and How do we win?

Supporting each of the team being themselves so they can be their genius is key to the success of the endeavour. Creating an optimal culture and physical environment for everyone to thrive. Great for founding teams and team coherence.

Cost: based on Team Members