Morgan Carson

Morgan is an artist, business strategist, dream coach and a polymath. She approaches life as a hacker, constantly prototyping more authentic ways to live a beautiful heart centered life

She has supported over 300 clients over the last 8 years in emotional intelligence work, passion and business strategy, personal life planning and is a human design and gene keys specialist. 

She is a curious cross between playful fairy, wild animal and astute old owl cultivating her wisdom in life with a big dose of laughter while consistently leaning deeper into being herself with truth and love. 

In her mentoring, she loves empowering others to find their truth, shift their habits and brain function, love and be uniquely themselves while serving a healthy and happy life. She pairs brain science, biology, emotional intelligence and personality profiling with a proper dose of miraculous to do her work. She senses the results of her clients success is all based on what they intend to create together and the commitment to the vision. 

She loves to think of human beings as living transmission of their unique gifts and healing. They give naturally to the world around them health and happiness when they are  being truly themselves. The more we heal and be ourselves the better the planet is. The more joyous all of our lives become.  

She knows that no matter what we have done, where we have come from, we are worthy of our dreams. The key is aligning ourselves with the mindset, habits, healing that allows that seed to sprout. 

 Curious about working with her? She always invites a soulful chat over tea that carries the learnings of a hard knock life mixed in the cosmic comedy of being a human knowing nothing. Book a session and see what magic is possible together. 

Modestas Stonkus

Modestas Stonkus is the founder of Dance Of Tantra, a personal development platform, based on dance movement expression techniques, and powerful personal transformation tools.

Inspired by his lifelong experience as a dancer – as well as his interest in ancient philosophy – his goal was to create a company that inspired and empowered customers to cultivate their inner wisdom. With this in mind in 2019, Dance Of Tantra was born.

He passionately immersed himself in Tantra as a spiritual viewpoint for personal growth & consciousness healing practice. Since 2019 he has been part of the “Tantra-Essence” faculty team in the yearly, month long “Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage Training” in Bali. 

In the last years, Modestas has actively worked as a Mentor, Tantric Bodyworker, Teaching Dance & DJ all around the world. He strives to create inspirational experiences, motivating growth & love to ourselves.

Modestas’s favorite notion: “Guidance Is Internal ”. In his opinion we all have the ability to reach our full human potential & full empowered freedom in this lifetime. He invites every person to step up, mature and cultivate their inner self authority to create the life they are dreaming about.